21 okt, 2019

Improving quality and returns to education (workshop, 15/11/2019)

21 okt, 2019

This one day workshop aims to bring together scholars who focus their research on education economics. We welcome papers that examine innovative methodologies and/or applications in the field of education economics in general, and returns to education in particular.

From an empirical point of view, we welcome papers that focus on returns to education, segregation, tracking, education design characteristics, discrimination in education, school competition, school leadership, financial literacy, effective use of (financial, human and physical) resources or resilient students.

From a methodological point of view, this workshop seeks to explore the use of economic and econometric techniques to study educational issues. We especially welcome research which applies identification strategies as difference-in-differences, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity, static and dynamic choice modeling, (non-)parametric frontier models and structural equations.

Voor meer informatie: https://feb.kuleuven.be/drc/LEER/map-ws-15-november-2019/workshop-education-economics